Die 6. ALAN Konferenz wird in Lleida, Spanien stattfinden.

Neues Band in der Schriftenreihe VdN erschienen

Das 7. Band der VdN Reihe ist erschienen: Verbreitung und Verwendung von Lichtmasterplänen in Großstädten im deutschsprachigen Raum. Von Ines Küster.

Himmelshelligkeitsdaten für Bürger

Auf der neuen Webseite können die Daten der App Messungen eingesehen werden


Unsere Wanderausstellung mit insgesamt 15 Postern ist ausleihbar!

Verlust der Nacht App

Die App 'Verlust der Nacht' lädt zum Mitmachen ein. Wieviele Sterne kann man zählen? Hier kann man mithelfen, diese Frage wissenschaftlich zu beantworten.

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Special Events

Date Event
Sunday, October 27th
Trip to Naturpark Westhavelland
Monday, October 28th
Poster Session / Icebreaker 
Tuesday, October 29th
Conference Dinner
Wednesday, October 30th
Workshop COST Action ES1204 LoNNe (Loss of the Night Network)

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Flashmobs for Science

This spring, two citizen science apps for measuring the night sky radiance were developed. The “Loss of the Night” app for Android phones works by helping the user to determine the naked eye limiting magnitude by looking for selected stars. The “Dark Sky Meter” app for iOS uses the iPhone camera to directly measure the sky radiance.

During the ALAN conference, we plan to hold three calibration events, in which a large number of people will use the apps simultaneously under the exact same sky. These “Flashmob for Science” events help determine the systematic uncertainty associated with the observations.

Information about the APP installation and flashmob events [PDF].

Article about Flashmob for Science on the Loss of the Night citizen science project BLOG.


Fotos: Andreas Hänel

Sunday, October 27th: Trip to Naturpark Westhavelland

The Nature Park Westhavelland is situated about 60 to 70 km west of Berlin. Due to its low population density it is one of the darkest areas Germany with a measured sky quality of up to 21.75 mag/arcsec².


The Lake Gülpe is an internationally recognised bird sanctuary, and is especially important as resting and breeding area. During spring and autumn, thousands of cranes and geese can be observed. This combination of diurnal and nocturnal nature treasures make a trip to Westhavelland a worthwile experience!

The Nature Park Westhavelland wants to preserve the darkness and the incredible experience of a starlit sky. For this reason, they work on being accepted as a Dark Sky Park. We would like to take you to the Westhavelland Sternenzelt Naturparkzentrumand show you its beauty and inform you about the process of becoming a Dark Sky Park.

To get an impression of the beautiful night sky at Westhavelland, enjoy this video taken by Harald Bardenhagen.

Naturpark Westhavelland Excursion Programme [PDF]
Fotos: Andreas Hänel               

The costs for this trip is 35 €, which includes bus transfer and dinner.
To receive payment instructions, please confirm your registration via email to

Monday, October 28th: Poster Session / Icebreaker

Hosted by the International Dark Sky Association.

Grab a drink & fingerfood, take your time to read the posters,
discuss with the authors,
colleagues or people from different areas of research.

It’s included in the conference fee.


Tuesday, October 29th: Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held from 19:30 to 23:00 at


Podbielskiallee 50, 14195 Berlin


Wednesday, October 30th: Workshop COST Action ES1204 LoNNe 
LoNNe(Loss of the Night Network) is an EU-COST (cooperation for science andtechnology action to collaborate internationally in matters concerning light pollution. To date 15 nations are involved in LoNNe.

The joined LoNNe / ALAN workshop will focus on:
(a) legislation and how can we support people who develop laws and guidelines
(b) how to proceed with standard operating procedures.

The workshop will consist of a panel with several talks and a general discussion. It is open for every participant of ALAN. Please indicate your interest to help us plan the workshop.

Further Information: