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ALAN Conference Series

ALAN 6 will take place from 16-18.06.2020 in Lleida, Spain.

Night Sky Data to the People!

A new website presents citizen science data

Touring Exhibition

Our touring exhibition with 15 posters can be borrowed for events!

'Loss of the Night' App

The 'Loss of the Night' app measures sky brightness! Take part in a world-wide citizen science project that measures star visibility and light pollution. The app is free!

City Night Time Lapse

This growing collection of time lapse videos of nights in urban centres provides insights how city lights change throughout the course of the night

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Touring Exhibition "Verlust der Nacht"

The Impact of artificial light on culture, society, health and nature. 
Our touring exhibition is available for rent!

Visitor of the Exhibition15 Poster of the Touring Exhibition give information about the various aspects of artificial lighting and our research focus:
  • Loss of the Night Research Project
  • What is Light Pollution?
  • A red Sky at Night - Light Dome over Cities
  • Measurement of Light Pollution
  • History of artificial Lighting
  • Light makes our Body Clock stay on Time
  • How artificial Light influences Ecology
  • Deceptive Light! Impact of artificial Light on Bird Species
  • The Spectra of Light
  • Benefits and Costs of artificial Lighting
  • Navigation Stars guide the Way
  • Astronomical Rhythms form Time Concepts
  • What are the Sources of Light at Night?
  • Public Lighting and Light Pollution
  • Light is a healer - but it can also make you

The english exhibition is available only as roll up posters (image on the right)
The German exhibition is available as roll up posters and in wooden frames:

Holzrahmen Version der Ausstellung                     Rollup Version der Ausstellung
Wooden frame with PVC banners
(only in German) 
Roll ups
(English & German) 

The rental is free, only transportation costs must be incurred by you.

Further Information & Poster here [PDF]. 


  Sibylle Schroer
Tel.: +49 (0)30 64 181 717


Science Year 2012

As a partner of the Science Year 2012 "Project Earth: Our Future", Verlust der Nacht is supporting the dialogue about sustainable development in keeping with the motto 'Living off the harvest rather than the seeds'.

Logo Science Year 2012

The Science Year 2012 "Project Earth: Our Future" is dedicated to research for sustainable
development. Sustainability research is the key to the future. We need to find a research
approach that encompasses economic, ecological and social aspects – without solving one
problem at the expense of another.

The Science Year 2012 "Project Earth: Our Future" poses questions that have more than one
correct answer: How do we want to live? What do we want to live on? And how can we preserve
our environment? These are three central dimensions of the Science Year for sustainable

The term 'sustainability' is frequently used and it is defined in different ways. According to the
Federal Government, sustainability means cutting only as much wood as can grow back again,
and living off the harvest rather than the seeds. Each generation must solve its own problems
and not burden the next generations with them.
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research currently funds more than 500 international
projects in 62 countries across five different continents with the aim of promoting sustainable

More about the Science Year 2012 here

The projekt campagne in the Science Year is funded by

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